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Aug 20th 2023:
Ammo table updated

Aug 10th 2023:
Patch v0.13.5 update

Jul 16th 2023:
Ammo table updated

May 29th 2023:
Ammo table updated

April 12th 2023:
Ammo table updated

February 10th 2023:
Ammo tier list added

February 6th 2023:
Ammo table updated

January 17th 2023:
Add Accuracy column

January 14th 2023:
Rework table, Add trader prices

January 11th 2023:
New Map added

December 29th 2022:
Gun Builder updated

December 28th 2022:
First Guide added
Added Streets of Tarkov map

December 27th 2022:
Ammo Data Updated

Semptember 21th 2022:
Gun Data Updated

July 20th 2022:
Spanish language added

July 12th 2022:
Maps added

June 30th 2022:
Charts updated for v0.13

April 19th 2022:
.357 updated

April 14th 2022:
New caliber (.357) added

March 11th 2022:
Reviewed ammos available on FM

March 7th 2022:
Loadout Builder tool removed
(reviewing alpha feedback)

February 28th 2022:
Gun builder | Prices Summary added

February 25th 2022:
Gun builder | Sortable Tables
Ammo Graph page added
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February 23rd 2022:
Gun builder | MOA calculation added


Escape from Tarkov Ammo and Armor Charts

v0.13.5+ (Updated on Sept 23, 2023)

by NoFoodAfterMidnight | watch his stream here

Note this is just a comparison guideline on what you should use and not always exactly representative of it's true # of shots performance against armor.
ValueEffectivenessAvg Shots Stopped By Armor Before Killing
It's Possible, But...13 to 20
Magdump Only9 to 13
Slightly Effective5 to 9
Effective3 to 5
Very Effective1 to 3
Basically Ignores<1

Watch NoFoodAfterMidnight's stream here:

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Why an Ammo Reference Page for Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter game known for its realistic weapons and ammunition system. Understanding the different types of ammunition available in the game is crucial to survive and thrive in Tarkov.

One important resource for players is an ammo reference page. An ammo reference page is a guide that provides detailed information on the different types of ammunition available in the game. This information typically includes the name of the ammunition, a description of its characteristics, and key statistics such as damage, penetration, and recoil.

The information on an ammo reference page can be used by players to help them make informed decisions about which ammunition to use with their weapons. For example, some ammunition may be more powerful but have more recoil, while others may be less powerful but have less recoil. By comparing the statistics of different types of ammunition, players can choose the one that best suits their playstyle and the situation they are facing. The reference page should also include information about the specific guns that it is compatible with, bullets size and other details that might be relevant for specific players goals.

In addition to its practical use, an ammo reference page can also be a valuable resource for players who are interested in the lore and realism of the game. It helps to understand the in-game's world armament and makes the game experience more immersive. In summary, an ammo reference page is an essential tool for players of Escape from Tarkov.

It provides detailed information on the different types of ammunition available in the game, allowing players to make informed decisions about which ammunition to use.

With the right ammunition, players can increase the performance of their weapons and increase their chances of survival in the intense and realistic world of Tarkov.


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