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Escape from Tarkov - Traders Reset Timers

    Data provided by tarkov.dev

    Tarkov Traders

    Merchants are vital for commerce and trade in the dangerous city of Tarkov. Specialized vendors sell medical supplies, weapons, armor, ammo, and other gear needed by private military contractors.

    Prices from dealers tend to be high. However, their items are legal, certified quality merchandise compared to looted equipment.

    Building loyalty and relationships with specific traders through completing tasks offers incentives:

    • Unlocks new item types for purchase
    • Reduces markup percentages on transactions
    • Improves insurance policy options
    • Allows access to repair services

    Dealers also offer contractors important services besides retail:

    • Insurance policies to recover insured gear lost during raids
    • Repair artisans to fix damaged armor and weapons

    Cultivating trusted trader connections gives Tarkov fighters better equipment access and retrieval if killed or maimed during sorties into the Norvinsk battlefield.