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Escape from Tarkov Maps

Escape from Tarkov includes 12 distinct locations, with 9 currently available to the public. Plans are in place to eventually link all maps together, but as of now, each location remains separate from the others.

Ground Zero

Situated in Tarkov's heart, this starting location for players ranging from level 1 to 15 or 20, offers limited valuable items but ample opportunities to encounter Scavs. Although not extensive, it's a zone filled with potential peril and excitement.


This expansive industrial park, located next to a factory zone, features a customs terminal, fuel storage, offices, dormitories, and various other buildings and infrastructure.

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Previously, Chemical Plant No. 16, rented to TerraGroup illegally, became a battleground between BEAR and USEC during the Contract Wars, determining the fate of Tarkov's industrial area. Subsequently, it offered refuge to civilians, Scavs, and military units, including remnants of BEAR and USEC.

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Located at a critical junction, the South Interchange links Tarkov's port to its industrial outskirts. Dominating this area is the massive ULTRA shopping center, previously the central hub for EMERCOM's evacuation efforts.

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Cape Dalniy's lighthouse was a key strategic site en route to Tarkov during the Contract Wars, serving as the primary landing zone and operations base for USEC units. Following the conflict, Scavs and the original owners, who chose to stay in Tarkov, claimed this area.

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A clandestine base of the Federal State Reserve Agency, rumored to be stocked with years' worth of food, medicine, and other essentials for surviving a catastrophic nuclear event.

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Encompassing a large portion of Tarkov's outskirts near the Port, this region includes a semi-deserted village, upscale private residences, agricultural areas, beaches, a boating area, gas station, weather station, cellular tower, and other commercial structures. The "Azure Coast" health resort, previously housing TerraGroup personnel before the Tarkov Port evacuation, is a major attraction, powered by a nearby hydroelectric plant.

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Streets of Tarkov

The central area of Tarkov boasts a variety of urban facilities such as banks, shopping centers, and hotels, essential for a flourishing metropolitan city.

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The Lab

A concealed TerraGroup Labs facility beneath Tarkov's core, officially unrecognized, focusing on diverse scientific endeavors in chemistry, physics, biology, and high-tech sectors.

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Recently annexed to the state-protected wildlife sanctuaries of the North-Western Federal District, the Priozersk Natural Reserve is a notable conservation area.

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A conceptualized vision of Tarkov's complete map, potentially amalgamating all existing maps into a vast, unified landscape.