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Aug 20th 2023:
Ammo table updated

Aug 10th 2023:
Patch v0.13.5 update

Jul 16th 2023:
Ammo table updated

May 29th 2023:
Ammo table updated

April 12th 2023:
Ammo table updated

February 10th 2023:
Ammo tier list added

February 6th 2023:
Ammo table updated

January 17th 2023:
Add Accuracy column

January 14th 2023:
Rework table, Add trader prices

January 11th 2023:
New Map added

December 29th 2022:
Gun Builder updated

December 28th 2022:
First Guide added
Added Streets of Tarkov map

December 27th 2022:
Ammo Data Updated

Semptember 21th 2022:
Gun Data Updated

July 20th 2022:
Spanish language added

July 12th 2022:
Maps added

June 30th 2022:
Charts updated for v0.13

April 19th 2022:
.357 updated

April 14th 2022:
New caliber (.357) added

March 11th 2022:
Reviewed ammos available on FM

March 7th 2022:
Loadout Builder tool removed
(reviewing alpha feedback)

February 28th 2022:
Gun builder | Prices Summary added

February 25th 2022:
Gun builder | Sortable Tables
Ammo Graph page added
Hide sidebar functionality

February 23rd 2022:
Gun builder | MOA calculation added




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