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factory 3d

ground zero 2d

ground zero 2d underground

ground zero 3d

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lighthouse 2d landscape

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The spreadsheet wizardry you need to ease your workday

Hello! If you're like me, you find yourself buried in spreadsheets on a daily basis.

At EFT-Ammo, I've merged these two worlds to deliver data to millions of players over the years. I mix several Google Sheets, scripts, and APIs to generate the tables showcased on the website.

Unlock efficiency, save time at work

    It's about making your life easier. If your workdays are spent working with data and you feel there's room for improvement, I might be able to help.

    Whether it's automating repetitive tasks, organizing data more effectively, or simply finding a quicker way to get your work done, my goal is to help you free up some of your time at work.


A real-life example

    A marketing team struggled with migrating data into a new CRM system. They were dreading the manual entry of thousands of rows from a spreadsheet, expecting it to take weeks and eat up valuable resources.

    I wrote a simple script that moved all their data in less than an hour. It was a small thing, but it saved them time and worry. That's the kind of work I enjoy doing.


Straight-up, cutting through the crap

    After an initial call, I'll present you with a clear and concise action plan.

    Within hours, I'll outline what I can do, estimate the timeframe, and provide cost details.


What I Offer

  • Spreadsheet Optimization: Making your data work better for you.

  • Data Management: Helping you organize and manage your data more efficiently.

  • Automation: Automating tasks where possible to save you time.

Save time at work.


    Hey, I am Nic 👋

I'm a software engineer by profession, turned indie maker. I've launched several side-projects over the years alongside my full-time job, and I intend to launch more in the future.

I've found myself repeatedly performing the same tasks, which is why I've created a set of tools to assist both myself and my customers in manipulating and automating data.

Additionally, I'm part of the APIPlant team, ensuring that we can guarantee a solution at any scale.