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Escape From Tarkov Arena Closed Beta Looks Set for December Launch

Update 14/12/2023 16:07 GMT time:


Escape from Tarkov: Arena has been in development for some time as a competitive-focused complimentary game using the robust EFT engine. While the main Escape From Tarkov title focuses on story-driven PVE and PVP raids in the war-torn fictional city of Tarkov, Arena looks set to distill the signature hardcore gunplay into a pure PVP arena shooter packed with plenty of modes, maps, weapons, and other content for fans to sink their teeth into.

stay calm eft


Long-time supporters shouldn’t have trouble getting in early, as Battlestate is expected to issue access in waves based on player profiles. Those who have kept EFT in their rotation since the early days will likely have first dibs, while more recent converts or strictly Arena fans may need to wait a bit longer.

The presumed December beta launch also lines up nicely with the first day of DreamHack Hannover 2022. Arena will take center stage at the event with a hefty $100,000 tournament between some of the top names in gaming during what is sure to be an action-packed weekend.


That said, fans would do well not to get their expectations cemented around any particular date when it comes to famously unpredictable studio Battlestate. As they’ve stated numerous times over the years, their motto is to release new content and updates only when they feel they have achieved the level of polish and quality fans deserve. If show-stopping issues emerge in these critical last days of development, it wouldn’t be unfathomable to see the Arena closed beta pushed back accordingly.

Game Modes

EFT: Arena will feature several team-based competitive modes:

  • Shootout: Round robin tournament format where teams face off to earn points. The top two teams meet in the finals.
  • Teamfight: 5v5 matches across 7 rounds. Capturing objectives can lead to round victories.
  • Overrun: 5 player co-op PvE missions to clear areas and complete goals.
  • Last Hero: Free-for-all deathmatch to tally the most kills.
  • Duel

Progression Shared with Escape from Tarkov

A key aspect of EFT: Arena is progression sharing with Escape from Tarkov. As players level up and improve skills in Arena matches, those advancement will carry over to their Tarkov characters. Weapons and other gear can also be used in both titles.


EFT: Arena maps include:

  • Sawmill: Rumored ex-TerraGroup Labs location
  • Bay5: Iconic port warehouse reimagined for Arena
  • Air Pit: Airport terminal turned deathmatch battleground
  • Equator: Shopping mall adapted into a gladiator arena
  • The Bowl, The Box Resort: Unrevealed maps


Economy and Wipes

Like Tarkov, Arena will feature wipes to reset player data. Careful resource and money management will be an important element.

EFT: Arena is currently available for pre-order, with plans for a closed beta. The full launch date is still unannounced.

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Appealing to a Wider Audience

Escape from Tarkov has garnered significant interest and popularity, but its complexity can be intimidating for new players. As Battlestate Games CEO Nikita Buyanov explained, "We wanted to create something more accessible that retains Tarkov's signature complexity while familiarizing more players with its mechanics."


Striking a Balance

Rather than a direct spin-off, EFT: Arena aims to strike a balance as a "mid-core game" that smooths out Tarkov's intricate details into match-based PvPvE gameplay. The vision is to develop a title playable by the team themselves first, with the core complexity they enjoy but streamlined for broader appeal.

Diverging Paths

Tarkov undeniably sparked the extraction shooter trend, while Arena diverges into competitive formats featuring Tarkov's weaponry and systems. Its success will depend on reception from the hardcore Tarkov community versus drawing in those scared away by outright complexity.

Broadening the Appeal

Regardless, by retaining developmental authenticity while reaching for more casual appeal, Arena strives to open Tarkov’s infamously impenetrable experience to new players when it launches in 2024.