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Exploring Escape from Tarkov's Tricky Customs Map

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The Customs map in Escape from Tarkov offers some of the most intense PVP and loot opportunities in the entire game. However, successfully extracting can be quite difficult for new players. In this blog post, I'll provide an in-depth guide covering everything you need to know about the updated Customs layout, top loot spots, extractions, and more.


Escape from Tarkov’s Customs is located in an industrial zone near the city of Tarkov. It features landmarks like the factory areas, construction zone, bus station, gas station, dormitory area, and warehouses. With the latest expansion, there are now more obstacles, hideouts, and lootable areas than ever before.

The map can support up to 13 PMC players per raid, making firefights very common. While geared players compete for top-tier loot spawns, the notorious scav boss Reshala and guards also pose a formidable threat. In this guide to Customs, you’ll learn insider tips to help improve your survival rate dramatically.

Map Layout

The overall shape of Customs resembles a “U” wrapped around a central river. Major landmarks include the Customs Office, Big Red Warehouse, New Gas Station, 3 story and 2 story dorm buildings, and the skeletal construction area. Expect heavy traffic in the Crack House, Power Station, Bus Depot and especially the Dorms.


The expanded areas offer additional cover and sneaky path options. Be aware, there are often snipers watching! Make sure to check jackets, safes, rare loot spawns and new crates full of valuables. Learning where to locate keys can unlock shortcuts and epic gear.

Top Loot Locations

Keys to getting rich fast on Customs:

  • Marked Room Key (3 story dorm)
  • Factory Exit Key
  • Gas Station Storage Room Key
  • Customs Office Key (inside file cabinet)

Rare loot can spawn on the tables near the Old Gas Station. This area is known as “The Giving Tree” by the community due to its insane spawns. Other rooms you need keys for:

  • 2 story dorm rooms 105, 110 and 114 for Safes
  • 3 story dorm 204, 214 for safes
  • Room 220 for quest item

Look behind 2 story dorms near the blue fence for 2 potential Flash drive spawns. Consider keeping some of these keys in your Secure Container just in case.

Dealing with Reshala

The scav boss Reshala can spawn in the main Gas Station, New Gas Station or the Skeleton Construction area. He arrives with 4 guards wearing heavy armor. While Reshala only carries a pistol or shotgun initially, he can quickly grab new weapons off fallen enemies. Don’t let your guard down!

Reshala’s guards throw grenades frequently, so don’t stay in groups. Reshala’s aggressive AI means he will often push your position. Consider fighting them from longer ranges since closing the gap is extremely risky. Or avoid him entirely to scoop up loot elsewhere.

Extraction Overview

Getting out safely is crucial to preserving your precious haul. The Customs map has a number of extraction points, but some come with special requirements or restrictions. For example:

  • Smuggler’s Boat requires the campfire to be lit
  • Trailer Park exit by red fence is open for PMCs
  • Crossroads exit only extracts Scav characters
  • PMC-only extracts: RUAF Road, Old Gas Station

So pay close attention for those differences when formulating your exit strategy.

Veteran Tips and Tactics

Finally, follow these pro strategies to gain a fighting advantage:

  • Loot jackets/coat racks for quest keys & money
  • Jump on objects for access to cheeky sight lines
  • Crouch walk below the Blue fence railing to sneak
  • Hide in bushes to ambush players & Scavs
  • Utilize CQB weapons for dorm fights


With this detailed guide on the Customs map, you now have the fundamentally game knowledge needed to start stacking survival rate and fat paydays. Just remember the critical extraction details, weapon suggestions, and top-tier loot rooms shared here.

The rest comes down to tactical positioning, gunskill, and a little luck with loot spawns. Once you get more confident roaming solo in Customs, try coordinating attacks with a squad on Reshala for his lucrative Golden TT Pistol and other prizes. Alright, it’s raid time! Good luck out there!