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Surviving the Chaos of Tarkov's Notorious Factory Map

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Escape from Tarkov throws players into brutally hardcore firefights across complex battlegrounds. Of its available maps, one stands out as the most popular gladiatorial arena for PvP combat: Factory. This compact CQB map fosters frequent, frenzied skirmishes between daredevil players looking to test their aim and reflexes against lethal human adversaries.

In this extensive guide to the Factory map, I'll cover everything a new Tarkov player needs to know to get in, loot up, and extract out alive from this chaotic hot zone. Follow along in offline mode to learn map secrets that could mean the difference between your survival or an unceremonious death by head-eyes.

Overview of Vital Factory Map Details

The Factory currently caps matches to 5 PMCs per raid in order to concentrate the carnage. There is a day and night variant of the map, but the core layout remains unchanged. Despite its modest size, there are still key items that offer a lifeline when things go loud.


Critical Keys

Only 3 keys truly matter on Factory:

  • Factory Exit Key: This most valuable key gives open-ended access to the two extracts that require it, enabling safer exfiltration from multiple points.
  • Pumping Station Key x2: These two keys grant access to additional rooms but generally serve minor utility otherwise.


The main incentives for entering the Factory meat grinder include:

  • PvP Combat: Factory's tight spaces funnel combat with little room to avoid detection, making it a prime spot to engage in heated gunfights.
  • Completing Tasks: Certain early game quests will require completing objectives or eliminating specific NPCs within the Factory location.
  • Farming Scavs: Once player threats have been cleared, Factory offers reliable waves of AI Scavs to farm for loot and cash.

Spawn Locations & Early Game Survival

Learning the Factory's spawn locations is key to surviving the opening salvos. When entering a Factory raid, you will spawn in one of several set locations, so knowing the vulnerabilities of each one means getting the drop on enemies...or avoiding becoming an easy target yourself.

  • Forklift Spawn: Easily the most notoriously dangerous spawn location due to extremely limited cover. Expect close-quarters contact immediately and reposition aggressively or get caught out in the open.
  • Tunnel Spawns: The Tunnel Section offers central spawns that lend themselves to repositioning towards the Office section or possibly catching enemies by surprise from behind.
  • Office Spawns: Spawns clustered around the Office location promote either bunkering down on the nearby staircases or immediately breaching the main Office itself to take control of the central high ground.

No matter where players spawn in, the Factory's confined quarters funnel combat towards the center. Expect action quickly and position accordingly to either take advantage of chaotic skirmishes or avoid getting eliminated early on.

Extracts and Gear Priorities

Extracting safely is the name of the game, and Factory offers assorted methods for exfiltrating once the violence has simmered down. The locations vary between set Scav extracts that flip each raid to ones requiring keys. And no key is more valuable than the almighty Factory Exit Key.

Factory Exit Key

This rare loot key provides salvation by enabling two additional extracts separate from the randomized Scav extraction points. Having this key provides critical flexibility in choosing an evacuation point less likely to be camped by exfil campers with an ambush planned.

Keys should be prioritized in the following order:

  1. Factory Exit Key - Vital for flexible exfiltration from two locations
  2. Pumping Station Key(s) - Unlocks additional rooms but nominal extractions

Scav Extracts

As a PMC, you will spawn in with one of two default Scav extracts available in any given Factory raid. However, since these are common knowledge, they often have players posted up ready to pick off anyone trying to evacuate from them.

The Factory Exit Key once again provides options to divert to alternates and reduce the likelihood of extract ploys. Without it, exfiltrating successfully becomes an even more daunting proposition.

Loot and Locales Worth Scouting

While PvP and questing take priority over looting on Factory, some choice items make braving high-traffic areas worth the risk. Focus on buildings that deliver an added edge to winning firefights first before considering hitting stashes and rare loot spawns.

Armor Spawns

There are 3 coveted 3M body armor spawns scattered around the Factory that offer heavier protection for players with low trader levels or economic loadouts:

  • Forklift: Check the upper green cargo box
  • Lockers: Check the middle blue locker block
  • Office: Check atop the white file cabinets

Claiming one of these armors early on provides an extra advantage for pivotal firefights ahead.

The Risky Office

This 2-story Office building contains the central staircases and overlooks much of the Factory floor. It also harbors rare loot spawns like Bitcoin, SVDS sniper rifles, and other premium equipment not found elsewhere. But with reward comes great risk...

Breaching the Office entry doors signals interest which often draws opponents eager to contest such a vital position. Expect resistance when entering and clearing the Office area. Listen for additional breaching noises signalling third party threats encroaching from unfamiliar angles.

Those inside the Office can also take advantage of its balcony vantage point for mounting scoped rifles or lobbing grenades onto advancing targets trying to storm up the staircases.

Quest Items

A particular early therapist quest requires collecting a quest item from a jacket inside the locked breachable room opposite the main Forklift spawn. Listen for this telltale breach explosion, then expect resistance when attempting to accomplish the same.

Survival Strategy and Final Tips

While Factory fuels its notoriety on frenzied PvP showdowns, even the most bloodthirsty operators need an exfil strategy. Ensure your tactics balance aggression with a planned path to extraction once you've had your fill or completed your objectives.

  • Spawn Routes - Customize initial angles based on spawn for flanking, hiding, or quick office control
  • Smart Rotation - Shift across distinct sections like Lockers, Tunnels rather than lingering static
  • Exfil Adaptability - Factory Exit Key enables contingency extraction plans
  • Assume Hostility - Expect resistance at extracts or high-value areas like Office
  • Offline Rehearsal - Learn at low stakes before braving live PMC combat

The Factory trial tests composure and skill at CQB under pressure. Master positioning, map awareness, and target isolation to gain the upper hand. Once you get proficient getting in and out on this map, you will find confidence to win even Tarkov's most unforgiving firefights.