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Optimize Your Keybinds for Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore first-person shooter that requires quick reflexes and precise controls. Optimizing your keybinds is crucial for staying alive and competing against other players. The goal is to keep your fingers on the WASD movement keys and mouse buttons as much as possible. In this guide, I'll share the keybind changes you need to make to improve your Tarkov gameplay.

Keep Your Fingers on WASD

The default lean keys in Tarkov are Q and E. However, this requires taking your fingers off WASD. Instead, rebind leaning to your mouse side buttons. This frees up Q and E for other uses while allowing fluid movement and aiming.

For aiming down sights, use right mouse button on continuous press. This enables quick flicking shots without having to repress your aim button. You can combo this with holding breath - set right mouse to press and left alt to continuous.

Optimize Your Weapon Swapping

Bind scroll wheel up to changing weapon scopes and scroll down to changing magnification. This makes rapidly toggling optics easy without losing WASD access.

For switching weapons, use the number keys. I also like having melee weapon on 4 with melee attack as double click 4. This keeps your weapons mapped together on 1-4 while still having quick melee access.

Fix Jams and Discard Items Fast

One of the most important binds is your discard key. Move this from Delete to Control + Spacebar. This leaves your fingers near WASD and Tab while looting.

To fix weapon jams, set Check Chamber/Fix Malfunction to Q on continuous. Make Inspect Weapon Q on release. Now you can just hold Q when jammed until inspection is done.

Other Recommended Binds

  • Set push to talk to V for easy communication
  • Put toggle tactical devices on E to quickly use flashlights
  • Move console off tilde to avoid misclicks while tabbing

With these keybind tweaks, you'll have much better control and reaction times in Tarkov firefights. It takes some adjustment, but try these new binds for yourself and watch your survival rate go up.