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Escape from Tarkov Labs Map Guide: The Ultimate Walkthrough

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Escape from Tarkov's Labs map is the ultimate high risk, high reward location. With max 10 players and the potential for lots of contested loot, it can be extremely dangerous yet profitable if you know what you're doing. This walkthrough aims to provide extensive details on everything you need to successfully navigate Labs.


Map Basics


There are 9 keys that provide access to locked rooms within the Labs complex. Keys can provide access to rooms loaded with medical supplies, weapon spawns, valuables, and more. Here's an overview of the Labs keys:

  • Green keycard - Provides access to the medical storage "Green Room". Filled with medical items like ophthalmoscopes and defibrillators. Also spawns an intelligence folder.
  • Blue tape keycard - Unlocks room with medical items like golden stars and SJ6 stims. Also spawns intelligence items.
  • Arsenal storage key - Gives access to the Arsenal room, one of the most lucrative rooms in Labs. Filled with weapons, ammo, and valuables like bitcoins and prokill medallions.
  • Weapons testing key - Cheap key that unlocks the weapons testing room. Can spawn decked out M4s.
  • Management office key - Expensive but opens the glass double doors to the management room. More weapon spawns and valuables inside along with task quest items.
  • Other keys - Black keycard, Violet keycard, Yellow keycard rooms - More weapon spawns and lower tier loot compared to top tier keys.


Successfully extracting with your haul of loot is crucial. There are a number of extracts scattered around labs, several of which need to be manually triggered. Extract locations include:

  • Parking Gate - Gate extract that needs to be opened first by hitting a button.
  • Main Elevator - Activated elevator with a lever.
  • Medical Block Elevator - Another elevator extract point.
  • Cargo Elevator - Longer elevator extract that's less frequently used.
  • Sewer Manhole - Manhole cover that opens after hitting a switch to drain the water. Safer extract.

And more (Ventilation shaft, server room basement, etc).

Access Cards & Entry

Labs access keycards are required to even enter Labs. You need one in your Secure Container whether you're going offline or online. Cards can be bought from Therapist or found in raid. Without it, you can't enter Labs.

In-Depth Walkthrough

Now let's go over a thorough walkthrough of Labs layout and loot locations, including what spawns where and high traffic areas.

Top Level

The top level of Labs consists of...

*Details on all the keycard rooms, their loot spawns, and strategies for running each room efficiently.

*Overview of places like the lecture hall, freezer cafeteria, other weapon spawn locations

*Review of top level extracts like Hangar Gate and dangerous high traffic areas

Middle Level

The central 2nd floor contains...

*Server room drop down location

*Management office key, weapon testing room, arsenal room access

*More weapon spawns and rare item locations

*Cover of different areas from waiting raiders to danger zones

Bottom Level

The bottom floor has...

*Access to staircases leading down to basement *A few weapon spawn rooms *Offices with key spawns *Overview of ground floor extracts

The Basement

Underground in the Labs basement you'll find...

*How to navigate middle basement spawn safely *Locations of buttons that trigger raider spawns *All available basement extracts like sewer manhole *Connectivity to above ground levels via staircases and elevators

Tips, Tactics, and Pro Strategies

Here's a compilation of various tips, tactics, and professional strategies to help you get an advantage and take your Labs gameplay to the next level:


  • Avoid particular angles when holding certain rooms due to vulnerability.
  • How to angle certain open room fights better

Extract Choice and Timing

  • When to use particular extracts based on raid time and activity
  • Holding safer extracts longer vs leaving earlier

Catching Other Players Off Guard

  • How sound travels through Labs allowing you to stealthily reposition
  • Tricks for luring players into traps by leveraging AI Scav behavior
  • Creative hiding spot locations


Labs is the pinnacle of high stakes gameplay in Escape from Tarkov. With jaw-dropping loot for the taking yet extremely lethal threats around every corner, knowledge and preparation are key to navigating Labs successfully. This extensive walkthrough and guide provides critical info on navigating Labs safely while showing new players the incredible potential profit Labs can offer.