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Escape from Tarkov: A Shoreline Map Guide

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Escape from Tarkov (EFT) is a hardcore tactical first-person shooter where players compete for loot on various maps. Shoreline is one of the larger maps, with an emphasis on the multi-story health resort location. This guide will help new and experienced players better understand Shoreline to improve survival and hauls.

Map Overview

Shoreline features open meadow areas, villages, forests, and the central health resort compound. The roughly square-shaped map also has a gas station, weather station, marina pier, and power plant.


Approximately 14 players spawn around the outer edges, then race inland toward high-value keys and loot. Engagements frequently occur within minutes near the village, power station, bus stop, or especially the resort.

Health Resort

The health resort consists of a modern main building, tennis courts, pools, guest housing, and underground parking. The U-shaped resort itself has three floors, affectionately called ‘wings’, plus a main admin building.

The East Wing contains the best loot, so experiences teams bee-line there first. The West Wing still sees action and has some essential keys. New players should concentrate on the admin building and underground garages until acquiring better keys.

Loot Locations

While loose loot spawns are randomized, certain rooms and areas have a higher chance of graphics cards, Tetriz blocks, Bitcoins, and other valuables.

The best Shoreline keys unlock the E222, E226, E310, and E328 rooms. Key with Tape is also vital for unlocked room 110. Safes throughout the resort are valuable, especially with the two Office keys.

Check jackets, duffle bags, weapon crates, and medical supplies as well. The weather station and pier buildings also contain decent loot. New players should concentrate on village and scav hideout stashes.

Exfiltration Basics

Locating a good haul is only half the battle - successful players also need to safely exit the map with loot. Shoreline has a wide variety of extraction points, but not all are active each raid.

Tunnel, Pier Boat, Road to Customs, and CCP Temporary require no keys but have conditional requirements. Rock Pass and northern UN Roadblock extracts sometimes require a Red Rebel ice pick. Use landmarks like the gas station tower to orient toward extracts.

The longer players stay in-raid, the more Scavs spawn. Try reaching extracts in the first 10-15 minutes before becoming overencumbered by waves of enemies. Patience is key.

Custom Keys Tool

With so many locks and extracts, building a specializedKeys Tool helps immensely. Tag certain keys for night runs or specific loot goals. For example, cottage keys help early hideout upgrades. Office and armored truck keys fund weapons cases. Marked Keys unlock bonus loot rooms, etc.

Veteran players recommend at least preparing several keysets for Shoreline, kept in secure containers or DocsCases. Better to anticipate and perish than never prepare at all.

Sanitar Scav Boss

A recent edition to Shoreline is the Sanitar boss and his goons, who patrol between the pier, gas station, radar tower, power plant and cottages. They often camp the hills near the resort as well.

Sanitar wields a VSS Vintorez sniper rifle able to inflict heavy damage at long distances. The boss and guards have increased health and accuracy, making them challenging opponents requiring special approaches compared to normal scavs.


This guide provides an overview of the Shoreline map basics - there are many more specific loot locations, spawn points, and strategies to master with experience. Keys open up safer loot runs. The resort remains prime real estate for firefights and major scores. Veterans recommend learning each extract protocol until they become second-nature. Knowledge and preparation are the most valuable commodities in Tarkov!