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The Ultimate Guide to Streets of Tarkov

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Escape from Tarkov's Streets of Tarkov map introduced in patch 12.12 is the largest and most complex map added to date. This sprawling urban area features a multitude of buildings to loot and tactically navigate as you take on enemies and attempt to extract with valuable gear.

In this comprehensive guide, I'll cover everything you need to know about successfully raiding Streets of Tarkov including:

  • Detailed breakdowns of the map's layout and flow
  • Key spawn locations
  • High value loot areas
  • Scav boss and guard positioning
  • Extraction point locations and mechanics
  • PvP positioning, flanking, and movement fundamentals

Map Layout and Quadrant Callouts

Streets features a more open layout than most Tarkov maps, with less strict funneling of PMCs towards central hotspots. This means engaging enemies could come from many more angles.


It's helpful to understand the map layout through 'quadrants' defined by key landmark buildings:


Encompasses the Concordia hotel and new construction expansion area with large crane. Key locations within this quadrant include:

  • Lexus - Scav boss and guard spawn location.
  • Multiple technical supply crates behind Concordia for hideout materials.
  • Concordia 64 offices - Valuable item spawns requiring keys.

Factory Zone (Cinema)

Home to the abandoned cinema and surrounding factory buildings. This area contains:

  • The infamous Marked Room in the abandoned factory that can spawn rare and valuable items.
  • Extraction point at Ruined House by the cinema.

Pine Wood

Dense apartment buildings and garages by Pine Wood city block:

  • Pine Wood apartment building keys needed for multiple early quests.
  • Pharmacies containing medical supplies and medication spawns.

New Mall

Recently expanded shopping mall:

  • Mimics Interchange with technical crates and checkout desk cash register spawns.
  • Second floor offices and locked rooms can contain valuable item spawns.

Cardinal Apartments

Residential apartment towers:

  • Limited loot, mostly low tier weapons and ammo from scavs.
  • Extract located at the northern building roof.

Checkpoint Fifteen (Check 15)

Major hotspot in central district with prime positioning overlooking Lexus:

  • Multiple locked rooms and staircases providing dangerous flanking routes.
  • Keys grant access to highly valuable loot spawns.

With each raid having such distinct flow and combat ranges depending on spawn location, memorizing maps or guides alone isn't enough. Nothing beats first hand experience navigating these complexes and intensely violent city blocks.

Scav Boss: Killa

The Scav boss Killa spawns with his followers around the Lexus car dealership in between raids. He wields a deadly PKM machine gun and grenades, protected by mines blocking off flanking routes.

When encountering Killa, keep these tips in mind:

  • Approach Lexus from North or South. Other routes are heavily mined.
  • Use grenades to disrupt Killa and guards - forcing them to run from machine gun nests.
  • Quickly push into the vehicle lot once sending in grenades.
  • Locate and finish off Killa rapidly after wiping initial guards.
  • Check Killa's body for rare item spawns - keycards, keys, his signature PKM + ammo

With practice, you can farm Killa for top tier ammo, armor, and easily make millions selling rare boss loot. This high risk battle delivers some of the highest rewards available on Streets outside of high value keys.

Loot Guide

While not matching Labs, many excellent loot spawns exist across Streets that don't require keys. However, certain keys make searching efficient by giving reliable access to top tier military crates, safes, and medical items.


Some of the most valuable keys recommended for Streets include:

  • Marked room key within Abandoned Factory - 1 use per raid, rare items.
  • Checkpoint 15 room - Multiple weapons cases and medical item spawns.
  • Checkpoint 13 Marked Room in warehouse district - Valuable loose loot.
  • Iron Gate Key 310 for Checkpoint building metal door - Access to 3rd floor.
  • Pharmacy storage keys for high tier medication.
  • Post Office keys granting access to second floor offices.

Keys aside, dynamic loose loot spawns should not be underestimated, especially early wipe. Load up on backpacks and pockets and check these areas:

  • Filing cabinets (everywhere!)
  • Ground caches
  • Weapon crates
  • Loose medical item spawns
  • Dead scavs

With dozens of buildings and rooms to check combined with keys, a successful looting run brings in millions easily.

Extraction Points

Compared to other maps, Streets offers evenly distributed extracts with manageable requirements.

Always Prepared Extracts available every match without condition:

  • Collapsed Crane
  • Ruined House
  • Checkpoint Gate
  • Railroad to Port
  • Emercom Med Unit
  • Armored Train Extraction

Conditional Extracts depending on raid parameters:

  • Alert Extract 1 - Green smoke indicates open for use
  • Alert Extract 2 - Require flare gun + flare rounds to signal
  • Cab Fence Breach - Pay driver fee
  • Co-Op Extract - Extract with Scav player as PMC

The conditional extracts have reasonable costs in a bit of cash or flares, so make sure to plan having these available.

Spawn location dictates the best extracts to prioritize. Knowing at least 2 available extracts and directions prevents having to cross the entire city if caught off guard.

Mastering PvP Positioning

Streets layout enables flanking maneuvers unmatched by any prior maps. The central districts contain numerous intersecting buildings and floors connected by terraces, catwalks, and locked doors.

Use these tips when engaging enemies:

  • Always expect additional threats from behind while holding an angle.
  • Push gunshots towards enemies cautiously while checking floors above and corners.
  • Utilize elevation and windows for superior positioning and visual angles over street level.
  • Learn locked extracts between buildings and levels - escape off angles once enemies pushed up.
  • When flanked, relocate to adjacent structure floors using these junctions.

These advanced movements create immense potential for plays once internalizing the intricate walkways and doorways connecting areas.

Separately drop maps with detailed extraction points, Scav spawn locations, quest zones, etc linked in the references section. This simplifies absorbing the most vital material.