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Major Updates Coming in Escape from Tarkov Patch 0.14: New Map, Recoil Changes, Vaulting, and More

Escape from Tarkov, the hardcore tactical first-person shooter from Battlestate Games, is gearing up for its next major content patch - 0.14. Nikita and Pavlo from Battlestate hosted a special TarkovTV livestream on November 14th to showcase what players can expect from 0.14 and beyond. This patch is shaping up to be one of the biggest for Tarkov yet, with a new map, weapon additions, long-requested features like vaulting, and significant changes to game systems like recoil and armor. I will do my best to update the charts asap once this stuff gets out.

New Boss - Kollantay

A ruthless ex-police officer named Kollantay will be added as a new boss. He uses violence and intimidation to control his gang of bandits in Tarkov. Kollantay prefers to hold his ground rather than patrol and will occasionally switch to his signature police baton in combat. He can be found near the Klimov Shopping Mall and Tarkov Academy.

Additional Guards for Kaban

Two new guards named Basmach and Gus will support the boss Kaban. These two criminals have long histories working as Kaban's trusted assistants. They enjoy showing off flashy customized outfits from Ragman and street racing. Both guards will aggressively fight to protect Kaban.

Shoreline Rework

The Shoreline map has been visually reworked with optimized culling and lighting. New areas have been added, including a small cattle farm compound. Concrete perimeter walls were replaced with minefields and snipers. Key landmarks remain but flow and gameplay have been improved. Over 30 new containers and stashes have been added as well.

New Weapons

Many new weapons are being introduced including:

  • KBP 9A-91 compact assault rifle
  • KBP VSK-94 rifle
  • SIG MCX SPEAR assault rifle
  • RPD 7.62x39 machine guns
  • Updated Simonov SKS carbine

New Mechanics

  • Achievement system added
  • Hideout upgrade with a Hall of Fame to display dogtags and favorite items
  • New hitbox and armor systems
  • Vaulting mechanic
  • Shoulder swap
  • Preset ammo loading
  • Improved recoil mechanics
  • Purchasable services from Lightkeeper like amulets to prevent Cultist attacks

There are also changes to AI behaviors, trading, quests, crafting, and general quality of life improvements.

New Starting Map: Ground Zero

Located in a destroyed building within TerraGroup's headquarters, Ground Zero will serve as an early-game starting area for low-level PMCs. Ground Zero will only be accessible for PMCs below level 15-20, providing a safe place for new players to learn Tarkov's complex mechanics before venturing out into more dangerous territories.

Escape from tarkov ground zero

As Nikita stressed, Ground Zero is meant to be the true place where your Tarkov story begins if it were a campaign mode. The loot quality will be lower than other maps, acting as more of a tutorial than a loot run location. Players will still be able to Scav into Ground Zero at any level. This starting zone should greatly help new Tarkov players get over the initial learning curve!

Streets of Tarkov Sees New Additions

Additionally, Streets of Tarkov will now feature a BTR armored vehicle that patrols the map. Players can use the BTR for transportation across the large map area. You'll also be able to briefly store loot inside the BTR, allowing you to extract more loot from longer raids if you can safely make it there!

Shoreline Map Expansion Planned

Alongside updates to Streets of Tarkov, Nikita confirmed that the Shoreline map itself will receive an expansion at some point. No further details were given, but any changes to Shoreline will be hotly anticipated by veterans of the resort. Hopefully this map expansion includes the long-requested expansion of the Resort itself with additional wings and floors to explore!

Vaulting System Finally Added

One of the most exciting updates coming in patch 0.14 is the introduction of a vaulting system. Players will now be able to smoothly vault over lower obstacles like fences and barriers. Vaulting will also enable you to seamlessly jump through windows instead of having to awkwardly crouch and wiggle to fit through.

The vaulting animations shown on the TarkovTV livestream look great - expect firefights to feel faster-paced and more fluid with the added mobility. No more getting stuck on terrain or fumbling to jump through windows when trying to push enemies!

Check the video here!

Armor Hit Registration Overhaul

Alongside vaulting, the other game-changing update coming in 0.14 is a complete rework of armor hit registration. Instead of a single armor durability value, armor is now split into multiple plates across different body zones, each with their own durability.

What this means is getting shot in the back will only damage your back armor plate, while frontal plates remain untouched. Damaged plates can also be individually repaired or swapped. Expect a major shakeup in the viability of different armor sets with this change Depending on plate coverage. Full coverage rigs like the 6B43 are likely to become meta, while Slicks may fall out of favor with low limb/stomach protection.

Recoil Changes On The Horizon

No Escape from Tarkov patch would be complete without weapon recoil adjustments! Nikita Buyanov confirmed the 0.14 patch will include an initial recoil rework to make recoil more realistic while maintaining balance. The stated goal is to make recoil more predictable, especially in the critical first shots of full-auto fire.

Specific details are still unknown and plenty can change before full implementation. Historically recoil changes have been controversial amongst veterans, so Battlestate plans on extensive testing before the new system goes live.

Assorted Other Additions

Finally, patch 0.14 will introduce an array of other features, weapons, and quality-of-life updates, including:

  • New 9x39 submachine guns: the VSK-94 and AS VAL based 9-91
  • RPD 7.62x39 light machine gun and modernized RPD-N variant
  • SIG MCX Spear assault rifle chambered for .300 BLK, 7.62x51 NATO, and/or 5.56 NATO
  • Matchmaking improvements to reduce queue times
  • Achievement system - new achievements will be added each wipe

Tweet from Tarkov

  • Expanded user stats and profiles panels, including recent favorite weapons and ability to view friends' stats
  • Future Hideout updates like a Trophy Case area and the previously teased Hideout cat
  • New tasks, gear, clothing, weapon mods, and Hideout crafting options

Closed Arena Beta Also Launching Soon

Alongside the 0.14 patch, Battlestate also provided updates on the upcoming Arena game mode closed beta. This standalone mode pits players against each other in session-based PvP matches with gear persistence between raids.

escape from tarkov arena

The Arena closed beta will launch on a rolling basis in early December, starting with players who purchased the pre-order packages. Further beta access will roll out until all copies are granted access by the full release, expected sometime in Spring 2023. An Arena tournament will also take place at DreamHack Moscow on December 14th!

Wrap Up

Patch 0.14 is shaping up to be a pivotal update for Escape from Tarkov as it continues Steam's early access journey. The new map, vaulting system, and armor hit registration changes will profoundly impact tactics and progression through the mid-game. This patch is also expected to wipe player progress shortly before releasing around the 2022 New Year.

Veteran players may need to relearn aspects of EFT's combat flow with the armor and recoil updates altering the feel of weapons and firefights. But these changes provide a breath of fresh air keeping the Tarkov gameplay experience surprising and gritty. Again, I will do my best to update the charts asap once this stuff gets out.