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How to Unlock Jaeger Trader in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov features a number of traders that provide weapons, equipment, items, and quests to players. One of the most useful traders is Jaeger, a mysterious ex-spec ops soldier. However, Jaeger doesn't become available right away. You need to complete a special starter quest to unlock him. This guide will explain everything you need to know to get access to Jaeger's inventory and quests.

Reaching Trader Level 2

The first requirement for unlocking Jaeger is reaching level 2 trader status with Mechanic.

To level up traders, you need to gain XP by:

  • Completing quests for that trader
  • Selling items to that trader
  • Purchasing items from the trader

However, starting out you likely don't have many quests available yet. An easy way to gain XP is to examine items in each trader's inventory. Here's how:

  1. Open up a trader's inventory screen
  2. Right click on an item
  3. Choose 'Examine'

This grants a small amount of XP each time you examine a unique item. Go through all of Mechanic's weapons, gear, and items examining everything. Then do the same for other traders like Prapor, Therapist, and Skier. You don't have to examine Fence's contraband inventory.

Keep browsing and examining until you gain enough XP to reach Mechanic level 2.

Accepting the Introduction Quest

Once Mechanic hits level 2, you need to complete one other requirement to unlock the Jaeger quest - finishing Mechanic's Gunsmith Part 1 quest. This simple quest has you modding an AK rifle and turning it in.

After you complete Gunsmith Part 1, the Introduction quest will become available. To start it, go to Mechanic's quest screen and accept Introduction.

This sets you on the path to unlocking Jaeger.


The Introduction quest tasks you with:

  • Finding Jaeger's camp location in Woods
  • Obtaining his encrypted message item
  • Successfully extracting with the item to complete the quest

Locating Jaeger's Camp

Jaeger's camp is located near a crashed plane in the southern part of Woods map:

Jaeger's camp is located near this crashed plane in Woods (Image from Tarkov Tools)

I recommend using an online map like Map Genie to find the exact location.

When moving through Woods, avoid high traffic areas like the Sawmill and Scav House to reduce the risk of running into hostile players. Instead, navigate around the outer edges of the map.

Listen closely for gunshots in the distance, as they can indicate the presence of other PMCs. Avoid moving towards areas with active gunfire.

Finding the Message

Near the plane crash site is a small treehouse structure. This is Jaeger's camp. The encrypted message is located underneath the treehouse.

When you approach the message, your character will auto-loot it from the ground. You'll get a "Subtask Complete" notification indicating you've collected the right item.

Extracting Safely

With the message secured in your inventory, you now need to successfully extract from the raid.

Prior to raiding, check which extraction points are available. Certain extracts have requirements or restrictions.

Avoid using the main extracts like Outskirts, Road to Customs exit, or Factory Gate as they are high traffic areas often camped by players.

Instead look for safer extract options. The UN Roadblock or Cliff Descent extracts are good alternatives depending on your spawn location.

Make your way carefully to the extract you choose, avoiding contact with other players. Don't loot additional items, your goal is to extract safely with the quest item.

Avoid landmine fields marked with warning signs when moving to exfils.

Turning In the Message

After successfully extracting with Jaeger's message, return to your stash and open Mechanic's quest screen. Hand over the Encrypted Message.

Turning in the item completes the Introduction quest and officially unlocks Jaeger as a trader!

What Next?

With Jaeger unlocked, you now have access to his entire inventory of special ammo, weapons, and equipment. Jaeger also provides a long series of tasks and missions to complete.

The first Jaeger quest is called Acquaintance. It tasks you with finding some rare food items on different Tarkov maps:

  • Amelias (croutons)
  • Beef stew
  • Tarcolas (sodas)

Unlocking Jaeger early on gives you a big advantage thanks to his exclusive inventory items. Follow this guide to complete the Introduction quest and add Jaeger to your trader roster!