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Mastering Movement to Win in Tarkov

The Importance of Directional Input in Tarkov

In Tarkov, understanding various game controls is crucial. This especially applies to movement. Your keys A and D, for instance, play a specific role in your character's navigation. The A key sidesteps you to the left, while the D key goes to the right. But there's so much more to this than simply moving left or right.

Let's introduce you to circle strafing. For non-gamers or the uninitiated, circle strafing is a tactical method where you continuously move in directions that make it hard for your opponent to hit you. By making good use of your A and D keys in tandem with your mouse, you can circle around enemies, making yourself a trickier target.

The greatest advantages in Tarkov often come from reactive input rather than premeditated input. Unlike other games, Tarkov’s realism means you often have to respond to unpredictable events, and your ability to react swiftly and adapt your tactics accordingly proves a more reliable strategy.

The Idea of Sprint-Free Looking

The beauty of Tarkov is its unpredictability, each moment is unique. Imagine this scenario: an enemy is in the room, waiting. You're aware, but how should you approach? A common mistake many players make is using a predictable pattern or rhythm in their movements. This predictability can be exploited.

Instead, a much better tactic is Sprint-Free Looking. Sprint-free looking is the action of rapidly altering your point of view while moving, without actually springing. This maneuver keeps you unpredictable, making it difficult for enemies to anticipate your movements.

However, always remember, while the game allows you for sudden viewpoint changes mid-sprint, it's not always advisable. Unpredictable movements can also confuse you, the player, about enemy placements. To master sprint-free looking, balance is key.

Right Hand Peek

In the world of Tarkov, the right peek manoeuvre is an absolute game-changer. This concept revolves around using walls or obstacles to limit your exposure while carefully peeking or shooting around the corner. The idea is simple: peek around corners with your body exposed as little as possible to minimise the risk of being shot.

Right-hand peeking works most effectively because of how character models are presented in Tarkov. The camera is centered, but the character model holds weapons to the right, allowing you to expose less of your body when looking around the right side of obstacles.


Just like any other game, there’s a learning curve in Tarkov. However, the more detailed understanding of movement mechanics you have, the better your gaming experience will be. From circle strafing to sprint-free looking, every aspect adds a new depth to the game.

Our aim here is to help make your progression in Tarkov as smooth as possible. And with the right application of these techniques, you're well on your way to ruling Tarkov!