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A Guide to All the Secure Containers in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore FPS survival game where you take raids into maps to find loot and fight other players. One of the key mechanics is secure containers - special cases that allow you to keep any items stored in them even if you die and lose everything else. The different editions of EFT give you access to containers of various sizes at the start, and there are ways to upgrade them as you progress. In this post, I'll go over how to acquire every secure container available so you can keep more of your hard-earned loot after each raid!

The Basics of Secure Containers

Secure containers are basically personal safes that ride along with you into a raid. You can store items, money, keys, anything in them during the raid. If you find rare loot but then get killed by another player or AI, you'll still have whatever you stashed in your secure case when you get back to your stash. This allows you to minimize losses and steadily build up wealth. Without a secure container, dying could mean losing everything you brought in. Their size and storage capacity is therefore incredibly important.

The different editions of Escape From Tarkov grant you access to secure containers of various sizes right away. You can also obtain bigger and better containers by progressing through trader quests and levels. Having a large secure container to keep valuables in can save you millions of roubles over time, so upgrading is one of the most important goals.

Starting Secure Containers

The Standard Edition of EFT includes the 2x2 Alpha container by default. This can hold 4 slots worth of items. If you ever lose the Alpha, you can purchase a replacement from Peacekeeper for around 8,000 USD.

Upgrading to the Prepare for Escape edition or above gives you the 2x3 Beta container instead. This provides 2 additional slots for a total of 6. It's a great upgrade from the starter Alpha.

Obtaining the Epsilon Case

While you can pay to buy a Beta container after upgrading to level 2 Peacekeeper, a better option is completing the Punisher questline. This long 6-part quest rewards you with the Epsilon secure container, which is 2x4 slots - only 1 less than the Gamma!

Completing the Punisher quests can be very difficult, but also very rewarding in XP and loot. If you're willing to take on the challenge, the Epsilon case is well worth it over buying a Beta case for 1.1 million rubles. Use your funds to buy gear to help finish Punisher instead.

The Elusive Gamma Container

The 3x3 Gamma secure container is a true beast - providing 9 total slots. The downside is that it's only obtainable by purchasing the Edge of Darkness limited edition of Escape From Tarkov. There is no other way to get this container in-game.

If you have a Standard or Prepare edition, getting the Epsilon case from Punisher rewards is your best bet until you can afford to upgrade to Edge of Darkness. The Gamma container will serve you well for the rest of your EFT career.

Endgame Upgrade - Kappa Case

For the truly dedicated, the ultimate secure container is the Kappa. This massive 4x3 case provides 12 whole slots for your most precious raid loot. However, acquiring this prize is no easy feat.

You must reach the staggering level of 62 and complete almost every quest available to unlock the Collector quest from Fence. This final quest asks you to turn in every special streamer item in the game, of which there are now over 15.

As you can imagine, getting the Kappa case requires hundreds if not thousands of hours of playtime to achieve. But if you love Escape From Tarkov, this prestigious and useful secure container can give you something to steadily work towards.

Other Containers

There is one other secure container in EFT - the 2x2 Waist Pouch. However, this can only be obtained rarely through the Scav Case hideout upgrade. It used to be available long ago but was removed, making it more of a novelty item.

The developers have teased adding more secure containers in the future as well. For now though, your main goals will be the Alpha, Beta, Epsilon, Gamma, and Kappa - each progressively bigger and harder to acquire.

Get a Better Secure Container and Protect Your Loot

Hopefully this overview gives you some ideas on how to get the best secure container you can in Escape From Tarkov. Taking the time to complete the Punisher questline for the Epsilon case will pay off big time. And upgrading to Edge of Darkness for the Gamma is worth considering if you plan to play EFT long-term.

Stashing your most valuable or rare finds during a raid can save you millions in the long run when you die to an enemy you didn't see. And having more space in your secure case gives you more flexibility in what you take into raids.