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Understanding 13.5 Patch Issues and the Future of Tarkov - A Deep Dive


As fervent followers of Escape from Tarkov (EFT), we're all familiar with the immersive, high-stakes environment that the game operates within. Recently, there's been an influx of discussion surrounding the proposed 13.5 Patch with its new developments stirring debate among players. This discourse, coupled with backlash on social media, forms the driving force around our deep dive into the Patch 13.5 issues.

Endgame Ammo and BP Global Limits

The 762 by 39 BP ammunition has always held significant importance due to its high penetration power, appearing as a go-to ammo type for experienced players. In its current state, the issue lies with the complexity of crafting and extreme scarcity, birthing the question, "Should BP ammo be made readily available on Traders?".

As arguments weave through the pros and cons, we propose two feasible solutions to unlock BP; the first suggesting a detailed and prolonged questline, the second suggesting it be ranked as a high-tier looting item. Each path maintains some level of difficulty in obtaining BP, ensuring it remains a coveted item.

The Ratting Meta Debate

The gameplay meta has seen a rise in 'rattling' or camping strategies. This positioning playstyle is significantly impacted by the audio mechanics in EFT, with sounds propagating in directions difficult to pinpoint. The ambiguity of situational awareness gives rats an advantage, a divide that the community quarrels on repeatedly.

Ongoing Discussions About Finding Raid

Recently, the introduction of 'finding raid' has created conflicting perspectives about its necessity. Some argue it fosters an elevated level of realism and commitment to each raid, while others believe it impairs the game's pacing. The new addition undoubtedly alters the dynamics of the game, but whether this effect is positive or negative remains subjective.

Issues with Global Limits

The introduction of global limits intended to balance the divide between engrossed players and casual gamers. It's evident, however, that the current system isn't perfectly aligned with its goals. Some players are left short-changed due to fluctuating stock levels and faction imbalances. Proposed solutions include individual player limits or dynamic global stocks influenced by overall player activity.

Addressing Cheating and Real Money Trading (RMT)

Real Money Trading sits at the heart of the EFT economy, inadvertently impacting gameplay. The transformation of cheating methods in line with game rules exacerbates the existing RMT issues, making it increasingly difficult for developers to maintain a fair environment. Several safeguards, such as improved cheat detection or harsher penalties, have been suggested to combat this manipulation.

Impact of 13.5 Patch on Gameplay

The 13.5 patch drastically altered the gameplay with restrictions on RMT, the removal of fence scav case, and introduced mechanics such as "found in raid". This modification has driven some players towards a 'play scared' mentality rather than a strategic, rewarding playstyle. The balance between thrill and fun appears to be askew in light of recent changes.


In navigating the maze that is the 13.5 Patch, we are left with a multitude of diverse perspectives and insights. Despite certain setbacks, there are numerous avenues for improvement in Tarkov's future gameplay.

Through this detailed analysis, we hope to provoke continued thoughtful discussion and dialogue around the developments in Tarkov. By evolving together as a community, we can ensure the future of EFT caters to player satisfaction and maintains the authentic, riveting experience that we've all come to love.